About Us

Hi. We’re BestMassage. And we’re about to be your favorite massage chair company.

Don’t know of any other massage chair companies? That’s okay! Massage chairs have never been made very accessible–outside of the local mall, or an airplane catalogue – until now. BestMassage aims to make comfort more convenient than it’s ever been before.

We believe in the power of massage.

I mean, who doesn’t?! Massage is a transformative experience that can do wonders for the stress and tension created by every day life. However, for most people, massage is an indulgence, paid for monthly at a spa, or to treat yourself after a particularly bad day. With our chair collection, a professional massage can go from being a monthly indulgence to a daily routine.

We believe that a spa experience doesn’t have to come from a spa.

Of course, people go to spas for more than the massage–you go for the experience and the complete ambience. That’s why we created chairs that bring the spa experience home, with built-in Bluetooth speakers, body-scanning technology, and enough customizable options to turn your living room into your own personal retreat.

We don’t compromise for comfort.

The BestMassage collection is thoughtfully designed in Santa Monica, CA, and we take pride in our ability to balance form and function. Our model has always been 100% Direct to Consumer, and we love customer feedback. If you’re not completely relaxed in your new chair, neither are we. That’s why we guarantee creating the most comfortable and stylish massage experience of your life, or your money back. No questions asked.

When it comes down to it, we’re not here to sell you massage chairs. We’re here to make relaxation a practical convenience - not an expensive indulgence.

We make your comfort our priority.

It’s about time someone did.