The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape - BestMassage
| 39 Reviews

The Great Escape

Experience comfort that is out of this world with our Great Escape chair. You will be transported to a new dimension of relaxation, with body scanning technology and zero gravity functionality that elevates your feet to your heart, minimizing strain on your neck, back, and pelvis. With all the bells and whistles, plus special stretching programs for that time you went a little too hard at the gym. To complete your Great Escape, we recommend playing calming ocean sounds through the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

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Massage Methods

Experience the best chair massage – nay, massage – of your life.

Air Pressure

Strategically positioned to target vital pressure points, relieve pain, and improve overall blood circulation.


Used to relieve muscle tension and pain, relieve anxiety, promote restful sleep and overall immunity.


Rollers move in a circular pattern to stretch muscles and work stress out of knots below the surface.


Percussion builds up to a gentle, repetitive, and firm rhythm for an invigorating massage experience. 


Full-body pressure works to detox the body, dispersing tension and tightness while increasing blood flow.


Mimics the human touch of a deep tissue massage, so muscles are more flexible and less prone to injury.


Targets acupressure points along the meridians (energy channel) to release blocked energy and relieve pain.

Your daily massage indulgence.

See why our customers love our chairs.

Premiere comfort and style

All the bells and whistles, wrapped up in a sleek design.

Product Specs

Airbags 34
Depth 55"
Height 44"
Recline Height 36"
Recline Width 63"
Supports Up to 265 lbs
Width 30"
Zero Gravity Positions 3

Bluetooth Speakers

Connectivity for ambience to maximize relaxation.


Shoulder Airbags

To hug you in and engage your upper body.


Control Panel

For quick and easy adjustments.


Arm Airbags

To show your arm muscles and wrists love too.


Leg and Foot Massage

Rollers to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension.


Heating Pads

Located in the back area to enhance the massage experience and loosen tight muscles.



Five preset programs use a variety of massage techniques. You can also choose the manual function to hand pick your own custom method.



For easy transport room to room.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mike L.
United States United States

Good for my health

This chair has been one of my best investments so far. I have stuff joints. Since my purchase and use of the chair I move around with better ease. I sleep better, I even feel younger. The motor functions are as stated. Airbag massagers are great, foot rollers are so relaxing. I even get a glut massage. This chair when in zero gravity mode will put you to sleep.

Brian P.
United States United States

Best money you can spend

I received this for my Birthday from my wife and we all love it. I’ve been asking for a massage chair for years and she was reluctant, saying it’s going to be a waste. After sitting in the chair (many times) she said “I have to admit, this chair is great and worth every penny”. The way you can just hit the power button and it’ll measure you and start massaging you is great. What is even better is when you get to know your chair you can put in your own custom settings.

Ben W.
United States United States

Excellent Massage Chair

Excellent massage chair. Full body massage and it's intensely strong that's what I like. Wife likes it too. Besides its great functionality, the chair looks beautiful and it's a perfect size for our living room. At first, I was worrying that it couldn't stop and massage at a certain place on my back where I needed the most.

Logan R.
United States United States

Awesome massage chair

This massaging chair is really unbelievably good! I’m used to a typical massage chair that you sit fairly straight up, massages your back with a rolling ball type of thingy, and little bit around your foot. Compared to those older generation massage chairs, this massage chair is really awesome. It massages your leg from your knee below even calf, your foot (all around even soles of feet!), your arm below elbow and shoulder, and entire back, even your buttock! And the zero gravity lay flat type of this unit is so nice and comfy... fell a sleep multiple times!

Conner B.
United States United States

Great rollers

This is a very well built massage chair, the roller balls go all the way to lower back (much more than many super expensive ones). It’s heavy and delivery is only to garage, I was able to move it up with hep of another person. It’s fits very nice to our master bedroom allowing me to take a quick 20 min. Massage in morning or evening. Convenience of having this chair at home for my foot, hand, and mainly back is decently something worth for anyone having a desk job or long standing.

Brenda C.
United States United States

Massage chair for my parents

I bought this massage chair for my parents 2 weeks. So far they are very pleased with this chair. They have been using it everyday after their gym. My mom said it really helps back pain after she’s using it. I tried a few times when I visited my parents and every time it put me in sleep LOL. I really it as well. I may get one for myself.

Ellie H.
United States United States


We have this chair for last few weeks . I would say; This is the BEST investment we have ever done ! I’m so amazed how powerful is this chair..... it feels so good to get massage and relaxed after a busy day at work . LOVE it .

Joanna D.
United States United States

Best purchase I've ever made!

I have lower back and foot pain, this is the answer to my prayers... I work on my feet and when I come home, I get in my chair and then my aches and pains are only memory, I feel good again. From the salesman to the customer service people, absolutely a wonderful experience!!!

Wilson D.
United States United States


This chair is awesome for the price. Worth every penny. Heat, rollers, neck, back, and foot massage are just amazing. I love it and get in it almost daily.

Miranda D.
United States United States

husband hogs

To be honest, I thought for the price of this chair, it wouldn’t probably be what I was needing! But my husband and I both use it and he told me he’s wanting to get another one to keep me out of it and enjoy it more often!

Product comparison

Chairs for every comfort level.

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The Daydreamer
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The Great Escape - BestMassage
The Great Escape
Wheels for Transport

With such easy transport, you can get comfortable in any room of the house... or office… or patio!

Bluetooth Speaker

Ocean sounds or heavy metal, the ambience is yours to create (and we don’t judge).

Zero Gravity

Take comfort to a new dimension.

Leg Massage

We’ve got your back, but it doesn’t have to stop there.


Powerful lumbar support combined with reclining ability to put you in a deep a state of relaxation.

Heated Massage

Increase blood circulation and decrease muscle soreness, to wake up refreshed.

Custom Stretching

Special stretching programs designed to stretch, align, and condition your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never purchased a massage chair? You’re not alone. For any additional questions, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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Do I have to pay for shipping?

No way! Always free shipping and free returns.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, all purchases have a 30 day risk-free at home trial.

How will my chair arrive?

All chairs are delivered in a single box, left on your doorstep. It’s helpful (but not required) to have two people to move the box inside to the room your chair will live, and then open the box and begin unpacking.

Is assembly required?

The Daydreamer requires no assembly. The R&R and The Great Escape require some assembly, and all tools are included in the box.

Does my chair come with a warranty?

Yes, all chairs come with a 1 year warranty.

Spend less time assembling and more time relaxing.

Our How-To videos walk through just how simple it is to get up and relaxing in your new chair.